by Utah Green

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released December 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Utah Green Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: 14:42
Words into sunshine like letters on a tree
Tell me what you want to do well i want
All you stars and belly moon mercury
Lovely kisses taste like sunshine
Mountains and sea

Yesterdays thoughts on tomorrows morning
Strange and kind of blue
i follow this world all around this circle
Honey babe I want you

Really does not matter where you are going
So long as it is far away
Bring back a story for the people
Bring back the day

I see you try walking in the streets of Israel
Nobody notices your difference no only you can tell
Most of the times i feel like flying wishing i could disappear
i open all my windows you can see me
i guess that i will stay right here
Track Name: Utah but I'm Taller
I was dancing with the doorbells laying in the light
Standing in the shadows and kneeling with the night
Watching thru the water spring and blinking with the bay
Making music memories I hear the heron say

I was talking to the taller man
i was talking oh hum
i was talking to the taller man
I was talking oh so hum

now I'm easing in the doorway and roaming with the raven
waiting for the albatross to show me to heaven
forgetting all the reasons i knew you sat beside me
imagining the irony for love to happen blind


Now I'm waiting for the whirly bird the circus is in town
buddha's belly goes laughing as the people gather round
smoke is rising from the sanctuary i heard the drifter say
whiskey is watching from the inside
i hear the mandolin play


He said to me you are becoming highly realized
do not question your own sanity the truth is in the eyes
the shepherd sleeps at sunset forgetting what was gone
do not seek what you are asking for and know that the road goes on

Just keep talking to the taller man
just keep talking oh hum
just keep talking to the taller man
just keep talking
oh so hum
Track Name: The Rain Song
well the rain fell thru my skylight window
showering my hand
today i sleep tomorrow i wake I'm turning to the land

then i reach into my box of dreams for a quilted winter snow
to the north my love i drive to the mountains
to the mountains from the sea

i will stay here inside my sleep just to hear the mandolin
and i can feel the fire in my bones
and I know that i have come home
yes i know that I've come home
and the waters cold and it wakes my mind
to everything that is good
i forget sometimes all that i know
and all that i should

we are these friends and romances all living in this time
i feel l know how people go so i simplify my mind
i simplify my mind
and that feather was strange i do agree so glad that it fell out
i place it into the ocean sand until the tide she comes about
until the tide she comes about
Track Name: Magdaline
Mary Magdaline, Mary Magdaline
She meditates outside the church
Waiting for the whipporwill
Listen to the trees, listen to the trees
Statues dancing in the Sun watching the world go by

welcome home welcome home
welcome home welcome home

Rosalie she sings Rosalie she sings
Oh she believes into her highest dreams
The Poet he reads, the poet he reads
He writes it all down, oh everything he sees

Welcome home...

Angels on high Angels on high
Sit up there so quietly watching from the sky
Joseph he speaks, Joseph he speaks
Says to Mary Magdaline I do believe you are a queen

Welcome home, Welcome home
Welcome home oh welcome home