Hamesh, Being Stuck in Magicals

by Utah Green

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released October 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Utah Green Asheville, North Carolina

Each song is different and stands on its own, but can be generally categorized as funny and quirky, complex, emotional, and reflective. There is wonderful imagery in her poetry that stimulates one's imagination and it can be very moving in a positive sense. It is sometimes a challenge to capture and comprehend the multiple meanings of some of her verse, but it's worth the effort.

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Track Name: The Wearing
When I sing to you this song
I know it is you to whom I belong
And when i take myself Away
I sit back wonder will I stay
With you
And I Deeply Do

Trees they stand so bright so tall
And with the wind they sway and call
Me home

Look up dearly to the sky
I search for Stars I saw in your eyes
And then I return into mine
Where I know I listen all the time
And I hear Clear-ly

Yes I know my stories true
They are something bright
and something blue
Strings and songs you keep saving me
I am wearing Grace as Grace should be
I am wearing Sunshine Sunshine free
I am wearing Honey oh Honey bee
I am wearing Love as Love should be
and they are gone
here we are
Going on

Keeping what we want to Please
and falling hard upon our knees
words and breath you keep saving me
I am wearing Wings as Wings should be
I am wearing Heroes Heroes free
They are light
We are light houses here now
We are going home
Track Name: Lockout Run
I see Light Sing Flashing Underground
I see Light sing Flash-ing Underground

Push me off the waters edge
Let me down but dont forget
A man will only fly a bit
until he hits the ground i guess
And why you say he even flew at all
Into the Air

Let me down dont let me know
the heart it grows and then it goes
my head is in my hands my heart is in your hands
My mind goes into the ground

I see Light Sing Flash-ing Underground

Ong, Ong, Ong, Ong Lockout Run (x2)
steal my clothes, even though
your footsteps start to Run

Light sing part

It is my heart it is my hands
It is me I am just a man I will let you down
but let me know when you find my body tho
please know, yes I did fly

I did fly you will see you tell them all you set me free
Into the clouds and to the ground
and then I hit without a sound
You will learn to miss me

Light sing

Ong Namo Guru Dev
Ong Naaaaamo Guru Dev Namo
Steal my heart We are apart
And your footsteps start to Run
Track Name: Luz
With your eyes black as the Night
I hear the Sound of the Light
Can you hear the sound of the Light
Ooooooh to the deep of your Soul

With your eyes bright as the sun
I hear the sound of the one
Can you hear the sound of the One
Ooooooh to the deep of your Soul

Aap Sahai Hoa
Sach ay Daiy Sach ay Doa
Sach ay dai sach ay doa
Har Har Har (x 2-7more?)

With your eyes gold as the Day
I hear the sound of the Way
Can you hear the sound of the Way
Ooooooh to the deep of your Soul
Track Name: I love you According to Pharaoh
you say to me what is your story
i stay quiet we held our hands and we liked it
i spun the windows and i danced the fire
the moon rose new o’er the sun
darkness was fleet ing and darkness was bleeding
please stay one more day until dawn

where goes…

keeping me in mind
the quiet behind closed eyes
so very steady and so very fine
and the diamond grows

i stand fiercley so deeply into me
roots down feet on the ground and i sing
i stand sweetly directly before thee
do you want me or do i

where goes

waiver before the sun
until our work is done
all at once when time had begun
and the castle grows

i stand naked so empty before thee
do you know me or do i love you
Track Name: Ruth and Darkness
We approach our Darkness
I feel her already
See my Shadow
Steady walking

We approach our Darkness
I feel her already
See my fire
Sexy Walking

For wherever you go i will go
wherever you live
I will live
Your people shall be my Kind
And your god walks just like mine
And Home is Undivided time

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